Personal Financial Planning

Short Term Insurance

We are qualified to advise you on your Short Term Risk planning in the following areas:

  • personal insurance
  • commercial insurance
  • agricultural insurance
  • corporate insurance
  • specialised insurance
  • risk finance
  • multi sos

Investment Planning

  •  advice on building up an estate
  • creating a balanced portfolio using all asset classes
  • advising on a share portfolio, unit trusts, off-shore investments, property and interest bearing investments
  • making investments for retirement
  • helping you to grow your business
  • to build your personal investment portfolio
  • analyse your personal situation and advising accordingly
  • report back to you on a regular basis
  • giving advice on and managing your pension fund
  • getting quotations for the best interest rates
  • using money market products from various companies
  • using bond based unit trust
  • using fixed deposits of various banks

Approved Training Centre

    • Provide a suitable and professional training environment for Trainee Accountants
    • Be committed to the promotion of education and training of future accountants
    • Be recognised in the business community as being an active participant in providing a professional training environment for prospective accounts
    • Uphold and encourage the maintenance of th highest professional standards amongst Trainee Accountants during and after completion of the training programme
    • Be committed to the principles and objectives of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and strive to provide learning opportunities towards nationally recognised qualifications.
    • Promote the Broad Based Economic Empowerment (BBEE) initiatives of the South African Government.Approved Training Centre

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits is about providing the right product and service solutions to the most important people in your business - your employees.

Employee Benefits include life cover, disability and impairment protection, dread disease cover and insurance to cover the cost of children's education in the event of the death or disability of a parent

It is therefore important to choose the correct Administrator that suits your needs, whether you choose:

  • Multi-employer or umbrella retirement funds.
  • Stand-alone retirement funds


  • It is designed to meet all employees' retirement savings and group risk cover needs
  • It pools the contributions of a vast number of members and employers
  • Creating cost savings through economics of scale
  • Professionals ensure the structural strength that is necessary to protect members' interests.


  • Peace of mind that the financial wellbeing of their employees has been entrusted to a financially powerful institution that is genuinely committed to offering real value for money to clients
  • All of this is underpinned by leading-edge administration systems, which means our participating employers can devote their energies to running their own businesses.


  • Access to a product that offers real value for money via our well-structured investment menu and our comprehensive range or risk products, at a highly competitive price.
  • Our emphasis on transparency as well as ongoing member communication and education enables our members to take control of the financial destinies.

Business Assurance


  • considering a company or a close corporation to operate your business
  • advice on using a trust to build your personal estate
  • optimising income tax by using the correct entities
  • minimising estate duty and CGT by putting growth assets in the correct entities
  • minimising personal liabilities


The purpose of Buy and Sell assurance is to provide the co-owners of a business, or the prospective buyer of a sole proprietorship, with the necessary funds to purchase the interest or share of a co-owner or sole proprietor on the death or disability of that person.

The proceeds would enable the remaining owners, or the prospective buyer of a sole proprietorship, to retain or gain control of the business and guarantee the former co-owner / sole proprietor or his or her estate an immediate cash lump sum.


The real success of a business does not depend on its tangible assets - such as stock, equipment or premises - but rather on the people within the organisation. Ultimately, it will be their ability and skill in

putting tangible assets to profitable use which will determine whether a business succeeds or not. Without its most valuable assets - its key people - would a business succeed?


All directors or members, whatever business they may be in, will sooner or later be required by a financial institution to sign as surety or co-principal debtor (guarantor) for finance.  In addition, there may be other business liabilities for which directors or members may be liable, e.g. outstanding taxation.

While this presents no problem while the director / member is alive, it certainly does on death or disability.  The liability arising out of, or contingent upon, the death or permanent disability of the guarantor, which is referred to as contingent liability, could have a devastating effect on both the business and individuals.

Tax and Accounting Services

Tax Planning

  • doing proper tax planning
  • looking into ways to minimise income tax
  • minimising estate duty and CGT
  • using business entities to minimise the tax you have to pay
  • advice on tax saving strategies before tax year end
  • planning retirement in advance to minimize taxes


  • completing and submitting your annual and provisional tax returns via e-filing
  • handling all correspondence and queries with SARS
  • Companies
  • Close Corporations
  • Trusts
  • Individual Tax
  • Provisional Tax
  • VAT


  • processing of financial transactions
  • proper bookkeeping from source documents
  • using QuickBooks bookkeeping program
  • bank, credit and cash transactions
  • processing of debtors, creditors, stock and general ledger transactions
  • keeping proper audit trails for audit and tax purposes
  • business administration using e-filing for completion of returns for:
    • VAT, PAYE, SDl and UIF
  • preparation of monthly management statements
  • drafting of annual financial statements
  • preparation of budgets and cash flow statements
  • secretarial work for body corporates, close corporations and trusts 
  • founding close corporations and trusts
  • acting as accounting officers for close corporations
  • acting as trustees for trusts
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